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May 18, 2011
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Vitae Heimus by Jay-the-Unseen Vitae Heimus by Jay-the-Unseen
Yep... New outfit... I really like this one much better than her other one. More Amano...ish. Lots more fabric and shiny jewels...


This is going to be hard to draw sprites for. ^^; Crap...

Oh well. I will anyway!

It's what I have to do!!

Well, anyway... This is Vitae, the happy-go-lucky-go-squishy mage... I may make her a berserker... Just a thought though.

Her group of people in Dissidia? Well, I can see her pairing well with Bartz and/or Zidane, but would have poor Squall clawing his throat out with her positive and highly girly attitude in the first game. ...Heck, she'd do well switching from Chaos's side to Cosmos's and not have a f:la:king care.

She's actually not an OC from any FF game... Just an OC... Ooh, I don't know...

Quotes for Dissidia Duodecim:

_____ vs. Vitae:

WoL: No name, huh? ...OOH! I'll call you "Bob!!!"
Garland: Battle, battle, battle, BATTLE, battle...
Firion: Could you spare some of those weapons... Please?
Emperor: Uh... "Uungaaah?"
Onion Knight: Aww! You're so cute and tiny!
CoD: Do you wanna put on a coat...? Or some clothes?
Cecil: Switch light on, switch light off, switch light on, switch light off.
Kain: What's up? Well, you and the sky, that's what.
Golbez: Cecil's brother? Can you switch from darkness to light too?
Bartz: If I win, I'm riding your chocobo!
Gilgamesh: Why hello to YOOOO too.
ExDeath: Waaatch oouut foor theee vooooiiiiiid...
Terra: Shy, aren't we now?
Kefka: Clowns suck.
Cloud: Nice hairdo...
Tifa: I hope you're not serious about beating me...
Sephiroth: *hums Sephiroth's theme*
Squall: coughhackwheezeEMOcoughhackachoo
Laguna: "The best attack ever?" Hmm. Prove it!
Ultemicia: Time, time, tim, tim, tem... Dangit!
Zidane: I really don't have anything worth stealing.
Kuja: I wish I could fly...
Tidus: Hey, happy-dude! You should let me do your hair!
Yuna: Wow. You can summon monsters? Sweet!
Jecht: Oh, GOD. Put on a shirt or something!
Shantotto: How old are you, anyway?
Prishe: I don't care what you say, Warrior's name is now Bob!!
Vaan: A "Sky pirate?" What kind of a job is THAT?
Lightning: God, you're a bit of a downer.
Vitae: ...That's not me because there's no mirror.
Feral Chaos: I'm gonna DIE...

Vitae vs. _____

WoL: It appears the light has already shone it's ray upon your personality.
Garland: Happiness is USELESS in battle.
Firion: ...Mfh... T-this fight should end quickly...
Emperor: You won't live long if you don't surrender now.
Onion Knight: Where's your weapon, anyway?
CoD: I feel no darkness within you.
Cecil: You will feel no mercy from me.
Kain: Don't ask me to easily let this offence slide by.
Golbez: War is no place for the light-hearted.
Bartz: You don't have a sword? Well, what's there to mimic, then?
Gilgamesh: Now to fight like men. And little girls.
ExDeath: Even your cheerfulness will be swallowed by the void...
Terra: I don't really want to fight you...
Kefka: There are too many happy people here!
Cloud: You can't win a battle *pause* by being happy.
Tifa: Get ready for a beat-down!
Sephiroth: Stop dancing around.
Squall: You're too happy for my tastes.
Laguna: Fight? Alright, then. Let's go!
Ultemicia: Time will change your attitude.
Zidane: I'd hate to ruin a lady's good mood with a fight...
Kuja: Is that a speckle of fear I see in your eye?
Tidus: You're almost as lively as I am! ...Almost.
Yuna: Will you be okay fighting?
Jecht: I must seem gloomy compared to you.
Shantotto: Such a perkish child.
Prishe: Will your happiness stay after you lose?
Vaan: Whoever wins, wins I guess.
J. Gabranth: If you truly care for your life, run now.
Lightning: You won't last long now.

-Vitae Battle-

When using Usukuragari: Fading Light!
When using Chakushin Merodi: A bell is tolling!
When using Shokkinguarō: The skies will do the rest!
When using Kyōfu Ten: Fear the heavens!
When using Kaze no Yogen: Listen to the wind!
When using Saikōhō: Reaching my limit!
When using Tobenai Tsubasa: From the sky to the ground!
When using Aishī-shu: Feel death's icy grip!
When using Kodai no Arashi: Punishment! Rain down!
When using Hasai-ryoku: I'll crush you!
When using Kurisutaru Keimusho: Eternal Imprisonment!
When activating EX Mode: Here I come!
When EX Burst begins: Gotcha!
With perfect EX Burst execution: Ka-BOOM!!
Imperfect EX Burst: Bang!
When using EX Revenge: Get back here!
When called as Assist: I'll take care of it!


During the Final Blow: Aaugh!
Defeated (1): No... Trism...
Defeated (2): I'll be with you soon Trism...
Defeated (3): W-why?!
Defeated (4): Waaaaah!!!
Defeated (5): Should'a taken... This battle... More seriously...
Defeated (6): D... Dangit... I didn't...
Defeated (7): Ah... Ugh... M-my head...

Oh, yeah. If you steal her.... I will be very pissed. You will not live long because I am watching...
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UnicornKnight321 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2012
So how does she fight with magic, summons, what?
Jay-the-Unseen Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Summons have already been taken by Yuna I'm afraid...
But yeah, she's more of a magical unit. :)
UnicornKnight321 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2012
I see so pure magic user or can use weapons?
Jay-the-Unseen Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She can use weapons.
whateverbutcraZy Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2012
niice!! :) i love her dress!! :+fav:
Jay-the-Unseen Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you.
whateverbutcraZy Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2012
CondeDrago Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2011  Student General Artist
Jay-the-Unseen Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AAAAH!! Dakara, nihongo, tadashii shitte imasu ka? Sō shinainara, watashi o yurusuga, watashi wa sore o tasukeru koto ga dekinai. Moshi watashi ga hontōni anata no shōnin o mitomeru ni mo kakawarazu, sono kawairashi-sa igai ni kono shashin nitsuite dō omoimasu ka, watashi wa mata watashi ga kaizen suru koto ga dekiru anata ga konomu hoka ni nani shitte iru yō ni omoimasu?
CondeDrago Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2011  Student General Artist
Sorry jay... I've understanded almost almost nothing... Hehehe i'm still studing japanese
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